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Cris Harlow

June Rose was my grandma, a real person raised during the Great Depression. She learned to embroider using thread scraps given to her by a neighbor, and her quilts were made from out-grown and worn-out clothing cut into pieces. She snipped all the buttons off and saved them in a tin she called her “button box”. I learned to trace and cut squares and triangles from old clothes at the kitchen table from the time I could handle scissors.

My mom, who liked to sign her quilts “Katie Too”, was also an avid quilter, and it was her inspiration and support that made this dream possible. For us, the business is a family affair. Today my team consists of my two daughters, Elizabeth and Emily, who make custom quilts, my “soul sister,” Tracy, who makes quilts and many of the one-of-a-kind items in the boutique, my dear friend, Dawn, who does anything I need around the shop, and my wonderful husband, Mike, who runs and maintenances the commercial embroidery machines.

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About the Shop

I grew up quilting with my mom, my Grammy, and my great Auntie. My daughters started quilting as young adults, and we are already in the process of teaching the granddaughters the basics!

In 2017 I got my longarm quilting machine, an Innova Classic, which I still use today. I opened the Etsy shop, JuneRoseQuilts, in January 2021, focusing mainly on t-shirt quilts.

For years, I was a teacher and did quilting and embroidery on the side. In May 2021, we decided to take the leap of faith into full-time business, and I gave up my teaching job. The Lord was faithful in providing, and we purchased our first multi-needle commercial-grade Melco embroidery machine in September 2021, adding a second in 2022.

My mom, who signed her quilts “Katie Too”, was my biggest cheerleader and the inspiration and financier behind the business. She was thrilled at the success we were experiencing before her death in 2022, and I know she continues to watch with joy as the business progresses.

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Interesting Facts

Since opening our Etsy shop, we have turned 1,444 t-shirts into usable quilts. That comes out to just over 60 shirts per month for the last 2 years. We have sent our products to every state in the US except for Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska!

Fun fact: We sold 1,011 pairs of custom embroidered socks in 2023! 


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